Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Greetings (A Poem by, you guessed it- me)

Christmas Greetings

Twinkle bright and have good cheer
Christmastime is drawing near
Mailing cards to Family, Friends
Happy holidays now begins
Top the tree with a beaming star
Greet your loved ones, near and far
Sparkling garland~ silver, gold
Take me back to days of old
Stringing lights up in the tree
Pretty ornaments for all to see
Shiny paper, ribbons, bow
A kiss beneath the mistletoe
Glistening snow, through windowpane
Sweet peppermint~ shaped like a cane
Warm spiced cider, piping hot
Perhaps cocoa would hit the spot
Cookies, treats and candies, too
Remember Christmas, old and new
Best of all, Love fills the air
As we show how much we care
It’s not the gifts bought at the store
No, it comes from something more
It’s not the lights, the tree, the toys
That fills our hearts with Christmas joys
It’s kindness sent along the way
That makes us smile on Christmas Day
To you and yours, from me and mine
Best wishes at this Christmastime.

(December 11, 2008)

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