Friday, December 5, 2008

74% of the Way There and Friendship

Just a short blog today. Feeling pretty good about where I'm at in this novel now. I'm 74% of the way done. That feels REALLY good!

My writing has been really sporatic since I hit 50K a few weeks ago, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Seems there's always something around here that needs my attention and draws me away from it.

Today it was laundry. Three baskets in all, but it seems to be smothering me...LOL.

I still have dishes taunting me though like children who need a bath. I have also had friendships on my mind today and thinking of those I've lost contact with over the years. This time of year generally conjures them up.

It's funny how friendship means so much when we're children and we grow up and lose track of so many good friends. This year I've been lucky enough to get back in touch with a few old friends and still keeping track of the ones I'm still in touch with or just getting to know.

They all represents parts of who I once was, who I became and who I am. Childhood friends that I've known as far back as I can recall. Friends from adolescence, young adulthood and even now.
I don't like to ponder what my life would be like without even just one of them because they've touched my life in so many wonderful ways.

Do the holidays get you thinking about your friends, old and new? Does it fill you with wispy memories and the desire to hunt them down and wish them a healthy happy holiday season filled with love and joy?

I guess that's why I enjoy sending out Christmas cards so much. I generally send out 70+ cards each year to family and friends. I'm able to reach old friends I don't normally get to talk to or see all that often and at least I'm able to let them know, once a year, that I still think about them and wish them well.

I can only hope that the ones I can't find or don't have addresses for know that I do still think of them and wish them all the best.

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