Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unofficial Winner of NaNo '08

I crossed the 50K line earlier this afternoon. I was thrilled, did a little dance, almost wet myself....

No, I jest- about wetting myself anyway.

Of course now that I've updated my word count goal, I can see that I'm 58% of the way to the finish of my novel, so I must keep trucking on. Still, it's exciting to know I've won my 3rd NaNo in a row. The thrill of self-imposed accomplishment never gets old, I don't think. I challenged myself all year with each novel I started and completed.

I finished 4 this year, though I know they all still need beefing up. When I finish this one, that will make 5 I've completed in a year's time, 9 in total in the past two years.

This is not a feat I take lightly. I'm really proud of myself. For years and years I let my story ideas sit and collect dust and at least now I'm producing more than dust bunnies and a continuing sense of disappointment that I started stories but never finished them. I used to beat myself up over the fact that I wanted to write but didn't have the determination or confidence to do so.

Writing is a boost to my ego- which isn't a bad thing. It gives me hope for my journey as a writer. It gives me fulfillment and self-confidence to know I'm doing what I love, even when I stress over story lines and plot hurdles and research- which gives me headaches. I hope to someday enjoy research. LOL

Among all the things that stress me though, there are those clear shiny moments when I find my groove, when my characters tell me more about themselves and their stories. When a new character pops in to chew my ear off and when the writing flows like magic from my fingertips, painting beauty across the screen in philosophical artistry. That's the thing I hunger for, the reason I continue to write like a mad woman, putting pen to paper, fingers to keys and pouring out all the words that circle my head and release all those extra personalities that live within me.

I think I'll sleep like a baby tonight now that one goal is down and I only have a short journey to The End.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone.


Magdalena Scott said...


Congratulations! Wonderful job!


Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Magdalena!

I'm off to forge ahead!