Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaNo Day 14

I haven't much to say for myself as far as yesterday's writing went. I barely wrote over 1K, just so I could cross the 40K mark.

I'm ashamed...but yesterday my thoughts just didn't want to sit still or concentrate on writing. I emailed back and forth with my best friend, checked amazon for gift ideas to tell my MIL about for my hubby- who doesn't really want much of anything and what he does want, I've already ordered for him.

I talked to my mom on the phone and then put out my wooden snowman decoration in the yard, in the rain...along with my solar snowflakes, though they are having to charge before I can turn them on. Hopefully tonight.

It's raining today, so I doubt I'll be putting the rest of the decorations out like I had planned. So, instead, I'm going to try- really try- to get my head back in my novel and get at least 3-4K written today. Hubby is cooking today- cavatini, so I don't have to worry about cooking, so I should be able to get something done.

I've got less than 10K to go now. It would be lovely if I could get in the groove and get to 50K today. Wouldn't that be something?

I do have some laundry that I need to take care of, but I can balance laundry with writing.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice Saturday- if you're getting rain or snow flurries- I hope you're enjoying the day indoors, relaxing and staying warm.


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