Sunday, November 9, 2008

NaNo Days 7 & 8

NaNo Day 7- Slightly less productive- 3,182 words. Got the grocery shopping done in the evening and relaxed.

NaNo Day 8- an off day- I wrote 1,954 in the morning before lunch. After that, hubby was online watching stuff on YouTube for a while, so I didn't complain cause I'm ALWAYS on the computer writing or checking email, etc. Later in the afternoon, after talking to my sister I got a wild hair and decided to take down the fall stuff and clean the shelves where the Christmas Village goes.

Next thing I know, I've dusted the shelves, rearranged the shelves to clear off the bottom two and hung clean curtains along with the pale blue with white snowflakes panel my mom found for the backdrop to the village. Next thing I know, hubby is cutting the "snow" sheets to fit the shelves and I'm hunting village pieces.

I'm about a week ahead of my normal decorating, but I felt like I "needed" the warmth of decorations- that little "umph" that lets me know I'll get to enjoy my decorations instead of throwing them up and pulling them down in no time flat. I'll be able to get back to writing once I've gotten things "squared" away.

After I put my daughter to bed, I put the Christmas tree together while we watched Sweeney Todd. I tried to get it to fit in the corner a little farther back because this year my stepson is in the room past the tree. Normally the tree nearly blocked the doorway when it was just the spare bedroom, but now that it's his room, I gotta make sure the path is clear for him to get in and out of there so I bent the limbs upward a little to tighten the tree up a bit.

I also put the treetopper and lights on it last night. Today will be to tackle the garland, bows, ornanments and other decorations. I'll probably wait to do the outside lights and decorations till next weekend, but for now the spirit of the season has gotten hold of me. Going to try to get some writing done this morning and then work on decorating some more.

I'll post pictures later, once I've gotten it done.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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