Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's Have a Legendary Christmas!

Well, I did sleep well last night, though I woke up with pain in my chest, ribs and back. Not sure what was up with almost felt like when I used to have my gallbladder attacks. I took an Alka-Seltzer and feel a lot better now. Perhaps it was something I ate last night- we had tacos and burritos, so I don't know- maybe the tomatoes I ate? I'm still leary of them, even though they've been deemed "safe" now...

Got a load of sheets in the washer and plan to also change the sheets on the kids' beds today. I haven't started writing yet this morning, but I've been surfing around the net and found out a little while ago that a book I've been eagerly anticipating in print was put up on Amazon this morning-

So of course, I had to jump right in there and get it ordered.

A Legendary Christmas Anthology by Maddie James, Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott and Jan Scarbrough.

I already have The Ladies of Legend: Finding Home Anthology and I just love the little fictional town of Legend, Tennessee. These ladies know how to drop you in the midst of the small town and make you feel at home, make you feel like you've known the townfolk all your life and you feel welcome to pull up a chair and get the scoop on what's going on with each character.

I haven't even finished it, but I highly recommend it! LOL In fact, I got my nerve up to attempt making cloverleaf yeast rolls from a scene in Magdalena Scott's Midnight in Legend and I have to say- not only were they good (I use my great aunt's yeast roll recipe all the time) but they were really cute! Thanks Magdalena for the inspiration that made my ho-hum round rolls into something to talk about at the dinner table! Hehe!

So today I guess I'm doing a little promoting for a few ladies who inspire me. If you love romance, small town atmosphere and happy endings, I highly recommend The Ladies of Legend stories. You can find out more about them via the site.

There are also other stories in e-book format set in Legend I've yet to get to read (My hope, as a print book lover, is to eventually see each story based out of Legend in my hands) or you can purchase the anthologies via links on their site or by searching for them, by titles, on

Can't wait to have my own "legendary" Christmas!


Magdalena Scott said...



Thank you for talking about Legend. Thank you for loving Legend! And yeehaw, I didn't realize the anthology was already on Amazon. Um...


All the Legend stories will eventually be available in print, so your wish will be granted, my dear. :)


Taryn Raye said...

Oh yay! That's music to my ears! (Do you have any idea when The Blank Book will be in print?- another I want to add to my collection!)

Jan Scarbrough said...

Taryn, thanks for buying our book. It was so much fun to write. If you stop by and scroll down, you'll find the star of Santa's Kiss, my dog Lenny. :-)

Taryn Raye said...

Thank you ladies for working so hard to get these stories out there Jan! Just love Lenny. He's a cutie pie!

Maddie James said...

Wow, Taryn, thanks! I didn't even know it was up on Amazon yet. Woohoo! And thanks for being so supportive of us. :)


Taryn Raye said...

YW Maddie!

Janet.Eaves said...

Thank you so much for showcasing our town of Legend, Tennessee. Good news! The last week of November will herald the arrival of another Legend print book. The combined Stories of Beauty and the Beast and Harvest Moon, where two women have to trust their lives to the only men who can destroy them, will be available from Resplendence Publishing in trade paperback. They are currently available in e-book format individually. I hope you can find a cozy chair, a warm blanket, and settle in for a chilling read.

Janet Eaves

Taryn Raye said...

YW Janet- and I'm thrilled to hear Beauty and the Beast and Harvest Moon are going to print! I'll be on the lookout for them!

Thanks for the heads up!