Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Over 30

I hit the 30K mark last night on my current WIP. It's moving forward and I'm more than halfway to 50K, though I'm sure the novel won't end at that point.

The novel I'm working on now is the first book of a four book series about each of the Galloway sisters. Jasmine is the slightly clumsy, but classy, sophisticated interior designer with a down-to-earth side. She's the 2nd sister, but she's the one who got the first book. She bid on 1st place and won...LOL

Originally I had planned out which order the books would be in, but a few nights ago the oldest sister, Juniper, who is an actress, wouldn't shut up. She was like a bug in my ear when I was trying to go to sleep. She was telling me how things will pan out in her story and I was thinking-

"Hold on, I'm not done with Jasmine's story yet. You need to be quiet. And the next book was supposed to be Blossom's, not yours."

Being the oldest of the girls AND an actress, she loves the spotlight and well, she wouldn't let me go to sleep until I agreed to write her story next after I finish Jasmine's.

Blossom's will be the 3rd book. She the tall, slender sister, the runway model.

The last book is Violet's. She's the baby. A 2nd grade teacher.

My Galloway girls are the focus of my writing this year. If I get all four books done quickly enough, I will move on to some others- whether it be starting another book or getting back to my revisions for the other books I have already finished.

Baby steps. :D I want to submit, but I know my finished works are not ready just yet.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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