Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Has Been Busy...

If it's not household chores like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc...there's stuff with school for my stepson or other things going on.

I have started writing #5, though for 4 days I haven't had time or energy to work on it. I've been thinking about it, jotting down ideas and plot twists, but until this morning I hadn't written anything since last Thursday and even then I only wrote about 500 words. Today I have written over 2,000 so far. I've taken a break though to fold yet another basket of laundry and then talked to my mom for a bit and fixed my daughter lunch. I'm just now getting my butt in the chair and checking emails so I can clear my head for writing.

Won't be long though till I'll need to start supper too and there'll be dishes to wash, but lucky me- tonight is a Cub Scout Pack Meeting, so for a bit it will just be me and daughter at home while the boys are gone to the meeting. I'll put daughter to bed before they get back home- X fingers crossed X. Then I might be able to fit in some real "quiet time" writing and then I'm going to check out what's going on tonight on Romantic Dialogue radio on NowLive.

As for #5- I'm hoping that since I started it on the 4th of this month, it's my hope and determination to have the first draft complete by the 4th of February- my birthday. After that, I'll see where I want to head from there. There's 3 other stories that will go with this one, separate books about the other 3 sisters in this series. I'm hoping that by the end of this year, I'll have each sister's story down.

So anyway..that's my ramblings for today. I need to focus this chattiness toward working on my novel.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Ciara Gold said...

It's so hard to find that happy balance between working, being a mom and writing. Some days, all I eek out is one paragraph, but hey, its something. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

You know that you need more to do, right? LOL! You've been tagged again... here.