Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#TuesdayswithTaryn Q&A with Janie Emaus aka @Janie5010

Tuesdays with Taryn
with Janie Emaus

Please answer the following questions:
What book(s) most influenced you as a writer?
  Let’s see.   I have writers, not books.  Anything and everything by Kurt Vonnegut,  Richard Brautigan, and John Irving.   The quirkier, the better.

What book do you read over and over again?
 I rarely read a book over again.  There are too many to read and not enough time.

Tuesday Trio-
1)      Movie-  Dr. Shivago
2)      Music-   Anything by the Beatles.
3)      Decadent Dessert-  This is hard, since I don’t really eat dessert.  I love cheese after dinner.  Does that make me weird?

What’s the most interesting or bizarre bit of trivia you’ve learned from researching for a novel?   I find it fascinating that many of the things predicted in the old sci fi novels has actually come true.   I’m just waiting for a flying car. 

Novel on your Nightstand:
Who/what are you currently reading?  I just finished “Sing You Home,” by Jodi Picoult.

Whom would you cast as your Hero & Heroine if your book became a movie?
 I’d love to have Molly Quinn of Castle fame play Emma.  As for the hero, I could see either Dylan or Cole Sprouse from Zach and Cody.  Did I just say that?  I watch way too much of the Disney Channel!

A story about crushes, conflicts and astrological confusion.

Finally, after years of making love predictions for her friends, fifteen-year-old astrologer, Emma Seigel, sees a boyfriend in her future. But there’s one big problem. Mercury is heading for Retrograde in four weeks, and she sure knows what that means. It’s like an astrological PMS. A disastrous time to start a new relationship.

Using her school newspaper column, Emmastrology, she sets a plan in motion and within a week lands hottie Evan Randolph as her boyfriend. She’s a Taurus. He’s a Capricorn. Both earth signs. What could be more perfect? But is he as perfect as her prediction claims him to be? The stars are telling her it’s right. But her heart says it’s all wrong.

Everyday her feelings are growing stronger for someone else, a Leo, so totally not the sign for her. And to make matters even worse, Emma’s actions, caused by her unflinching belief in astrology, get her in trouble with her best friends in the whole world.

Time is running out. Can Emma straighten up this mess she’s in before Mercury goes Retrograde again?

 Mercury in Retro Love is due out from Turquoise Morning Press next week!

You can find out more about Janie on her


Janie Emaus said...

Thanks having me Taryn. I'll be around most of the day to read and respond to comments.

Taryn Raye said...

You're very welcome. I meant to double check with you- MiRL comes out next week doesn't it? I hope I didn't have that wrong.

Robena Grant said...

I'm looking forward to reading your book, Janie. Congratulations again!! Loved the interview, and we have similar taste in books. Read Jodi Piccoult's book for book club earlier this year and loved it. : )

TinaFerraro said...

Hi Janie, I am excited about reading your book. (And I'm waiting for flying cars, too.) I'd like to ask what you are working on now?

Janie Emaus said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm currently working on a time travel Young Adult which I'm very excited about and hope to get to my agent before the end of the month.

Janie Emaus said...

Hi Robena,
I've loved almost all of Jodi's books. Nineteen Minutes was my favorite.

Christine Ashworth said...

Janie, the book sounds fabulous! Looking forward to picking it up. How much astrology research did you do?

Janie Emaus said...

I worked with a fabulous astrolger, Terence Guardino, who will be giving away mini-readings once the book is released. Watch for my contests.

Katherine Lowry Logan said...

Excellent interview. The book sounds interesting and fun. Good luck with the release.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

This sounds really cute! (Makes me glad I'm not a teenager anymore, too! So much to figure out.) ;)

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Congrats on your upcoming release, Janie! Love the cover and I wish you all the best. From your fellow TMP author, Renee Vincent

*waving* hello Taryn! Great interview!

Janie emaus said...

Rachel. I still feel like a teenager

Janie Emaus said...

I love the cover, too! Kim did an excellent job.

Janie said...

Katherine - It was a lot of fun to write!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Fun interview, Janie--and I'm looking forward to getting a copy of Mercury!

Heidi S. said...

Yes, Janie, a preference for cheese over dessert does, in fact, make you weird--if not wholly unnatural. However, I will do my best to overlook your disturbing,
slender-person oddity since you are such a witty, talented writer. But seriously, best wishes for "Mercury"--it's a great read!

Charlene Sands said...

Hi Janie - Best of luck with your new release!! Wonderful title. And cheese? I have become a huge fan of cheese lately. All kinds. I don't think it's weird at all...though I do love chocolate, probably too much.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left comments. You made mine and Janie's visit spectacular!

Janie, can't wait for Mercury in Retro Love. I usually heed those retrogrades pretty firmly, so I just know I'll enjoy your book! ;)

Veronica Scott said...

Congratulations on the book - love the idea of "Emmastrology"! Enjoyed the interview...

Jane Emaus said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. Mercury won't be going Retrograde until July 14th, so it's good time for a book release!

Modern Military Mother said...


I can't wait to read your book Janie - you rock.

White LP rules!!

Anne Kemp said...

I love cheese after dinner, too! Oh, who am I kidding...I just love cheese! Congrats Janie - I can't wait to read your book!


Gigi said...

Despite the fact that you don't eat dessert (???!!) I totally agree with the sci fi thing. Just hoping the 'Return to the Planet of Apes' thing doesn't happen. That movie was well freaky. Thanks Janie :)Gigi x