Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Like Pulling Teeth....

Okay, I must first and foremost apologize for not having been around much lately and it's been what now, nearly 2 weeks since my last post?

During that time I've rested, played around online, but not much else. Been feeling lethargic.

Monday my daughter was sick and had to come home from school. Went to the doc and they gave her amoxicillin and cough medicine. Still wasn't better today. Coughing, complaining of a headache and sore throat and had a fever, so hubby took her back to the doctor like they told him to if she wasn't doing better. She got blood taken, and they said that was fine but they gave her a shot in her tush. She didn't like that. Hubby has gone to pick up more medicine that's been prescribed for her.

Yesterday, after a long wait since the oral surgeon was running about 2 hours or more behind from other surgeries that morning, she got me sedated and got those teeth out in a flash. Got home and rested in the recliner for the most part. Hubby made his cavatini and he and the kids had that for supper. I ate a baked potato when we first got back so I could take my Motrin and then later a little bit of chicken soup with mushed up crackers in it so I could take my Motrin again.

Trying to follow my instructions to the T. Been doing the warm salt water swish today and just taking it easy. Tossed and turned all night, wanting to turn over on the side where the teeth were extracted and had to fight that.

The other day I actually thought about my writing a lot and I can almost feel the "need" to write and work on it starting to come back to me. That's hopefully a good sign...right? Maybe I've just needed time off...a break in all the work I've been doing. A mini-vay-cay for my brain. I'm thinking that it won't be long before I find myself elbow deep in writing and revising again.

Just thought I'd better post a little about what's been going on. I will be back to posting before too long. Have a great Hump Day!


Magdalena Scott said...

Taryn, I'm glad to hear it's going well for you. Hope your daughter is well soon, too!

Take care...

Jennifer Madden said...

Hey, glad to see you back! Congratulations on getting those teeth out. I'm sure you'll be feeling much better soon.
'Needing' is good. Actually getting the time to fulfill that need is even better. With your nagging teeth gone, you;re brain relaxed, I'm sure you'll be pumping out chapters in no time.

Devon Matthews said...

Glad to hear you're on the road back. Hope everything is back to normal soon and everyone is well.