Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Much For Not Procrastinating...

For a week I dawdled some more...I know I know...I said I was done with dawdling and procrastinating...and then I let it rule over my thoughts and I shut down my desire to write.

I hit 21K and stalled out...And then this week got off to an okay start. I wrote 1,639 words on Monday...followed by a very poor word count on Tuesday (barely over 400). Yesterday was my saving grace. I wrote 4,891 words! I went to bed thinking about the story, playing out scenes in my head and thinking about what will happen next. That makes it hard to go to sleep, but filled me with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and the desire to keep pushing forward.

After allowing myself a week of procrastination...having no desire to write...I realized that in order to finish this book by the end of the month I was going to have to buckle down...I figured it up and realized that I need to write AT LEAST 4K a day or better to accomplish the goal I've set before me.

Last night I pushed through and got a lot written. The good, the bad and the ugly of it. The story does seem to be coming to life more in my mind's eye, so, THAT MUCH I have going for me. I can see the setting- the cabin near the lake, the high open beamed ceilings, the large living room and kitchen area, the bedrooms, the layout of the house. I can see the snow falling outside, and the lake from the kitchen windows where a private stretch of beach rolls out to meet the water. I can see the tall pines, the blanket of snow...The wilderness and the white capped mountains in the distance. I'd LOVE to go to this place...the feeling of serenity and peace.....even though its all in my head..Well, Lake Tahoe exists, as does Zephyr Cove, NV, but the actually cabin/chalet/chateau/lodge, or what-have-you, is all up here (points to temple) in the good old noggin.

My characters are coming to life and struggling with their apparent attraction though they shouldn't really act on it. They're snowed in together, the only two people there, getting to know each other with all the time in the world on their hands, and yet they have to fight their growing desires for one another. Tension builds as the game of cat and mouse plays out. They're just seems an unlikelihood at the moment...considering he's the physical therapist and she's the patient. It'll all come out in the wash though....It has's meant to be.

And it's meant to be that I need to get my rear in gear and start writing some more today. Laterz!

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