Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hit a Milestone

I crossed over the 10K mark yesterday and ended up writing just over 3K, even though the day seemed to drag out and I rather doubted I'd get much written at all.

I heard of a death of someone I knew, my old landlord from when I lived on my own a little over a decade ago, and I heard about a friend who's had a breakdown and has been hospitalized. I had been thinking and worrying about this friend for several months now...just that gut instinct, my extra sensory perception, kicking in. I KNEW it, I FELT it, but I only now found out.

So needless to say, yesterday started off on pretty sad footing and it followed me the rest of the day. I hadn't hoped to even write as much as I did yesterday, but there it was. I didn't really want to stop writing when I did last night, but I knew bedtime was rolling around.

I know it's summer vacation now, so its not like I have to get up and make sure everyone's ready to get going, but I'm so used to going to bed with hubby that I just don't want to change the routine. I would stay up later, but hubby wouldn't know what to make of me staying up at odd hours to write. I've never done that before, even though there are times I just can't sleep that it's crossed my mind.

I can write during the day, even with all the noise around me. I just plop on my headphones and go to town, but writing in the peace and quiet would be nice, too. I'm contemplating staying up a couple of extra hours, or until my eyes can't stay open any longer and my wrists tell me to stop.

Who knows...old habits are hard to break, so I may just stick with what I'm doing now.

Well, I'm off. Going to write some and then doing my exercise and see what else happens today.

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