Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Less than 2k from 10k

Well, here's hoping that my determination will see me through writing this current WIP. Yesterday I wrote just a little over 2K and it put me just under 2K away from hitting the first milestone- 10K. Yay!

The writing is probably crap, but I decided to try to push down my internal editor and just get this one pumped out and get it finished. It's taken long enough to get into it and if I'm going to get it done, at least the first rough draft, I have to ignore what's awful and just get into the flow again.

I feel good though. I've actually WRITTEN more! LOL I feel like I'm getting back to "me," especially since I haven't really felt like me for a while now. Not since I ran out of writing fuel. I'm filling back up though and rearing to go.

Have a great day, writing or otherwise!

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