Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dead on My Feet~

I've been sidetracked from my writing a lot since I hit 50K last week. Saturday I got most of the inside of the house the tree up and some of the decorations set out. Wrapped the grandparents and great grandmothers presents, etc.

Saturday we discovered that my fiber optic waterfall village and train piece was messed up beyond repair, so Sunday we got up early and went to Wal-Mart to get another piece for the village to replace it. Dave wanted a firehouse, but we went to both the Walmart in Franklin and the one in Bowling Green and neither had one.

So, I suggested we just get the Bayside Inn or the Victorian House, but no...Dave saw a Lighthouse that was on display, but there were no boxes of them. He went and talked to the lady in the Christmas department and she checked and they had no more of them in boxes, just the display but it was missing adapter was missing and the lady said they threw the box away when they set it out, so it probably got thrown away.

We went and found an adapter for it in Electronics and so they gave us a 10% discount off the Lighthouse. We got home and it wouldn't work, so Dave was finally about ready to take it back when I discovered there was a switch on the huge plug and we just didn't have it set to the right voltages. So now it's working fine, and it looks pretty, but I was getting rather frustrated over the entire fuss he made over getting the thing.

Our skating pond is also starting to mess up and shut itself off already...just got that one this year. If it's on for very long it just kicks itself off...I told Dave that from now on when we pick out a piece for the village, we should just go with the ones that you put C7 lights in because the pond is motorized and already screwed up the first year we've had it and I'm not sure if we can replace the lighthouse light once it burns out or not.

After all the fuss over the lighthouse when we got home, I went out and strung the lights outside and got that done. By Sunday evening my feet were throbbing and felt like they were going to cramp up and my back had this huge burning sensation in the middle that ached so bad...being on my feet too long for a couple of days in a row.

Monday I straightened Chris's room and got his miniature tree up in his room and did some decluttering of his toy box and toy dressers. I put up Koty's mini tree that evening when Dave and Chris were gone to the Cub Scouts Pack Meeting.

I've also been getting caught up on laundry and dishes and straightening the house. Yesterday I spent straightening Koty's "Disaster Zone" of a room. She is the child who doesn't mind chaos and it drives me insane! LOL I still need to go through her toybox and do some decluttering there too. Bed sheets need changing sometime soon, but today my goal is to finish up the laundry and then make my homemade apple pie to take up to my parents tomorrow and then I'm going to get up early tomorrow and fix the mac and cheese so that it will travel hot and may only need to be warmed a little once we get there.

I do intend to get my stamps soon for greeting cards and hopefully add some more to my novel before this month is over...hopefully finish the story by the 30th, especially since things around the house should calm down after Thursday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and fills up on good food and good company with loved ones.

Here are some pics over on MySpace of my decorations~

Have a great day!

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