Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bad Taryn!

Yesterday all I managed was 380 words on my novel. There was distraction all around me. I had to get the grocery list and next week's menu planned out, but then I got distracted by other things~ Talking to my mom, surfing the net, doing the dishes. Watching Men In Trees- though I would've been watching that anyway.

I've not even reached 40K yet! LOL I had been going along so well. I was hoping to hit 50K by the 12th like I did last year. I might work on it some this morning before my husband and daughter get up. My parents and sister are coming down today to visit though too, so I'm tickled about that and don't really mind giving up some NaNo time for them since they live so far from me. Besides, it's not like I don't have plenty of time left in November.

My sinuses are giving me fits too and my eyes are weepy, watery and itchy. It's been pretty bad since yesterday, but more so after I bought a couple of those new Glade Wisps Flameless Candles. I had gone to their website and printed out the Buy One Get One Free coupon. Dang things cost $9.99 at the grocery. I didn't really want to spend that, but hubby was like, well, go on and get it because all you'll have to buy later is the refills.

After I turned them on, they started making the house smell good- supposed to be clean linen scented, but since then, I've been having the watery eyes and my face feels like it could cave in and my ears are hurting. I just wonder if I'm allergic to the scent. Maybe it's too much for my sinuses/allergies to handle.

The weepy eyes were why I didn't write much last night after Men In Trees went off. I was sitting here and my left eye got to twitchin' n' itchin.' It was watering so bad that I finally told my husband that I knew my word count was bad for the day, but I couldn't sit here typing cause I couldn't see what I was doing anyway through my itching blurry eye.

I'm still feeling a bit odd this morning in that department. I might have to take the batteries out of those air fresheners to see if that's what's causing me so much head trouble.

So, here's to my worst word count day so far!


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