Monday, November 5, 2007

Crazy Weekend- Amazing Word Count!

The weekend was "odd" to say the least. Everytime I was on the phone someone would beep in and it seemed our phone was ringing off the hook all weekend, which is rare, but something came up that had to be resolved and I'd be just as well off to keep my mouth zipped about. It's not really my business, so I will leave well enough alone.

In other news~ My new word count is amazing me.

Here's a rundown-
1st- 5,738~ 2nd- 3,296~ 3rd-5,978~ 4th- 5,256

Grand Total- 20,258! I'm well ahead of my total word count from last year already- Last year on the 4th I didn't write anything and I was sitting around 10K and change. Must have been busy that day or something because I had a goose egg for my WC that day.

I'm also getting further into the story, with an unexpected confrontation with someone Melody knew from her past. It hadn't crossed my mind she might run into this person before, but now it kind of fits and makes sense with the skeleton that's going to fall out of her closet and reveal that secret she's carried around for sixteen years. The secret that may very well destroy Wes's "undying" love for her.

So today's goal is to hit the 1/2 mark for NaNo, which would be 25K of the 50K. I still think my novel will go over the general count though. Just not sure how much farther over. Last year I went about 30K over, so we'll see.

If things continue to go as well as they are, I'll hit 50K before the 12th, which was last year's amazing day of accomplishment for me. I didn't stop though. I kept writing till I put a finish on it.

This year my main problem is that I keep wanting to type Royce(last year's nano MC) instead of Wes (this year's male MC). My fingers want to do it but I have to keep pausing myself and saying, "No, wait...Royce's story was last year.)

Well, I'm off and gone- going to replay this on my other blogs, just to cut the time I'm away from my novel.


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