Friday, April 11, 2014

LOVE BY DESIGN "Would you care to join me?" #FridayFreebits #excerpt #frifreebits

Here we are on another Friday Freebits and I'll be kicking the weekend off with a jump, from Derrek and his buddy Fisher, hanging out and shooting pool, to Jasmine hanging with her sister, still reeling from her overexposure at the movie premiere and attempting to avoid Derrek the rest of the weekend so she can have time to "think" about where she wants this whole thing to go.

So here's my offering for the next excerpt, my "free bit" again from my upcoming contemporary romance release, LOVE BY DESIGN.

Jasmine excused herself to the bathroom and retrieved her cell phone from her purse. Juniper had said the night before she left messages and Jasmine wondered if there had been any others. She had forgotten to turn her cell back on after the night of the movie.
There were a couple of messages from Juniper, as well as Simone, but another made her heart trip.
“Jasmine, this is Derrek. I know you said the weekend was yours and you weren’t working, but I was wondering if you’d want to go on a drive with me along the coast. It’s seven in the morning. I was thinking of heading out at ten or so. There’s a great little flea market place up the coast. Would you care to join me? Give me a call.”
Jasmine’s face flushed. She glanced at the clock, realizing she still had time. Her face felt scorched as she returned to the pool.
“What’s the matter? You haven’t been out here long enough to burn. Why’s your face so red?”
“I got a call from Derrek. Not about work, but taking a drive up the coast to a flea market.”

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Unknown said...

Oh, thank Goodness she had time to respond. Can't wait to see if she goes and what happens next. Great six. Lovin' it. Thanks for being part of this event.

Rhobin said...

Decisions, decision. I'm guessing she is going on the flea market tour. As a reader I also sense trouble brewing.

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies. Glad you enjoyed!