Friday, April 4, 2014

LOVE BY DESIGN Like a pup drooling over a bone... #FridayFreebits #excerpt #frifreebits

Good FRIDAY morning! It doesn't seem like we're already heading into the 1st weekend of April, does it?

We've hit a snag it would seem, in the Sunday Snippits blog linky list, so, Ginger Simpson has come up with another way to share, that will kick the weekend off with a bang, and hopefully there will be a LOT of "free bits"- excerpts you can go read over the weekend. It will be the same premise as Sunday Snippits, same amount of an excerpt shared, but we're hoping this will also open us up to more visibility if we get the party started on Friday night. You can come party with us over the entire weekend! Isn't that lovely?

So I'm here this lovely Friday, offering the next excerpt, my "free bit" again from my upcoming contemporary romance release, LOVE BY DESIGN.

And as always, please stop by Ginger's Blog- "Dishin' It Out" by clicking on the image above. There you can find MORE excerpts from other authors. Fellow authors- prepubbed or currently published-go find out how you, too, can hop on this party train by sending her your link earlier in the week so she can include yours in her post. 

I still say- A party's not a party, till the gang's all here! (And even better if we can rock it out all weekend long!)

“You look at Jasmine in a way that even surpasses the way you used to look at Tuesday.”

“How’s that?” Derrek didn’t know if he wanted to know Fisher’s theory or not.

“You used to look at Tuesday like you loved her, but it was in more of a friendship with benefits kind of way. You know what I mean, but the way you were looking at Jasmine when she stepped out of that limo the other night… Well, you looked like a puppy drooling over the best bone you’d ever found and would have easily snarled at any other dogs who came sniffing around. We’re actors, man, but there’s no way you’re that good an actor. You can’t fake the genuine desire I saw on your face.”

“That obvious, huh?” Derrek shook his head and took his turn at the table when Fisher missed his shot.

Fisher returned to the bar, took a seat on one of the stools, and sipped his beer.

“If you’re not in love, you don’t have much farther to fall.” Fisher’s statement was matter-of-fact.


Ginger Jones Simpson said...

Love your "come on".... if people don't want to join in after reading that, there's nothing I can say. Your six is awesome. Makes me want to read more and know about the 'hang-dog' look in his eyes.

Great job, my friend

Tricia McGill said...

That was a great lead up--gave me ideas for my own blog which currently looks rather ordinary after yours. Love the six paras, and want to read more.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Ginger & Tricia! Appreciate it. :)

Glad my blog could offer some inspiration, Tricia!