Thursday, September 27, 2007

Raining Salvation

Well, temporarily it was this morning. The ground was wet and cool. The concrete of the road and sidewalk glistened with a wet glossy shine. The air was refreshing, with the musky smell of damp ground and leaves. It's was very nice out, even with the rain drops thumping down as if they couldn't hit the ground quickly enough. I know that it wasn't nearly as much rain as we could've had, but it was nice to actually hear thunder this morning and the winds dancing around the house.

The leaves are out in more of their fallen glory, and the day dawned without a sunrise, only gray overcast skies and my hope was for the rain to continue to soak into the ground and replenish our drought-ridden yards and countryside.

If only we could get more of this. It makes the outdoors and everything that comes in contact with it seem more alive than it's been all summer.

Even the neighbor's horses were enjoying grazing in the rain. Nothing like showering while you have breakfast I suppose. This one here was intrigued by what I was doing down near the fence so near to her. She watched me for a long while, I suppose just as interested in why I was standing in the rain with a little shiny box aimed at her as I was by her nonchalant attitude about standing right out there in the rain. Quite the beauty don't you think?

She has other buddies that were grazing as well, as you can see behind her there, but the other was so far down in the field I couldn't zoom in any further to get her picture.

Off in the distance you can barely see a cream colored horse among the misty rains and my new friend in front of one of her commrades in the photo to the left. Horses are just so beautiful and inspiring to behold.

I almost walked down to pet her, if I could've gotten her to come closer to the fence. Instead I entertained myself with taking pictures of how awful the kids pool is. We need to clean it out, but we have tadpoles, or as my stepson called them, tadipoles. I don't think I captured any on film though, I did nudge the edge of the pool and stirred up bubbles and waves in the water that reminded me a lot of abstract art(see below).

It's been a lovely partially rainy day. I feel revived, refreshed, but look forward to more of the same weather. I just hope hubby and stepson don't get rained on tomorrow night on the Cub Scout camping trip. That would be a sight to see, but more importantly, I just don't want them turning up sick, especially hubby since he had pnuemonia last year about this time.

Hope you have a wonderfully rainy day as well!

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Rainy said...

Again, Taryn, you have beautiful descriptions of your surroundings. If you incorporate these same feelings into your writing, you're bound to do well.
Saw that you've checked out Jaunty Quills. They are a fun site. They have lots of info for writers so be sure to check that out also.
Rainy (aka Lorraine)