Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bit By the Declutter Bug

I have to agree with my friend Maddie today....sometimes the writing part of me takes a break when the clutter around me is just too much. My house needs a good top to bottom cleaning, not just a lick and a promise.

Today I washed the living room and kitchen curtains. I'm also going to make a list of things I have to accomplish each day this week..dusting and cleaning and straightening and carpet cleaning and sweeping and mopping, etc. Whether I get to it is another story! LOL

I've let it go for a while. I mean, I keep the dishes and regular laundry done up, but it's been a LONG while since I actually "cleaned" the house. I'm thinking I'll wash the curtains in our room and my stepson's room tomorrow, change bed sheets as well and then just keep moving on to each task. And maybe if I'm a good little housekeeper, I'll give myself permission to work on rewrites/revisions each day once I'm done with the task at hand. These are things I have to get done because the clutter is EATING away at my brain so that I can't seem to concentrate on writing.

In fact.....you know how unexpected company usually shows up when you HAVEN'T cleaned? Well, then there's my Muse. In my mind she's sort of this finicky but graceful half-catwoman, half-butterfly and well, she's ticked at me. Her name is Amethyst. Light complexion, dark hair, violet eyes to match her name, and blue, lavender and green almost transparent wings. She says my house is too dirty and that she refuses to come pay me a visit until I get the place straightened up for her "highness."

Oh, it's not as if she doesn't bring cat dander and feather dust with her when she comes to see me, but she says that's not her problem, that a good housekeep would take care of that. LOL Mind you, I love when she visits, especially if she makes it an extended stay. But for now, she's not coming. She says I have work that needs to be done and that I need to get my butt in gear.

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Maddie James said...

Oh Taryn! We are so alike! My muse nags at me, too, and refused to come out to play at times. well, you read my blog the other day, she was long gone until I got that carpet cleaned! But we persevere and take care of business and soon the little tarts are satisfied and come and play for a while. Thank goodness. I still have too much story in my head to clutter the brain up any more!