Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Freebits LOVE BY DESIGN Guilty pleasure music #frifreebits #excerpt

Everyone has guilty pleasure music and Derrek is much like me- I can't turn the station if I hear "Jessie's Girl" come on! What about you? Are there certain songs you really don't want to admit that you HAVE to listen to when you hear them? C'mon- Share them with me... I'll share a few more of my guilty ones, too, in the comments if you do!

(And I'll even throw you a freebie- Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" for starters. Hehe!)

“Yeah, what can I say? Guilty pleasure music.”

“Me, too.”

Derrek drummed the steering wheel with his thumbs when a Rick Springfield song came on. Before she knew it, Derrek was singing along. She fought the urge to join him, but couldn’t help herself any more than he could.

When the song ended, he turned a huge grin on her.

“We’re pretty good together.”

Jasmine found another reason to blush. His words were intimate and held so many connotations. When a duet came on, she started to turn it, feeling the song was much too sappy and romantic for the moment.
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Ginger Jones Simpson said...

If I wasn't old and senile I could admit to the song I long, just for the music. The lyrics are little on the distasteful side, but I find myself playing it over and over and rocking out whenever I get a chance. Funny picture...old lady, rocking out, but my brain doesn't know I'm old. *lol* Thanks for sharing, Taryn. Love your six.

Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Over the years I've gathered so many 'don't touch that dial' songs and the list keeps growing and changing. Enjoyed your six.

Tricia McGill said...

Oh, I have so many old favorites. We have a great radio station here that plays many oldies along with the new--mostly smoothies. Anything by Alan Jackson and I have to stop everything to listen.

Sydell Voeller said...

Ah, I love how this scene flows on two levels. The music on the surface and the sexual tension a notch below.