Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Snippits LOVE BY DESIGN Insomnia & Pool #sundaysnippits #excerpt

I'm going to try to remember to join in and start sharing again via Sunday Snippits and fellow author Ginger Simpson's Linky List. I hope you enjoy the 6 paragraphs I share here today from my upcoming contemporary romance release, LOVE BY DESIGN, and please stop by Ginger's Blog- "Dishin' It Out" by clicking on the Sunday Snippits image above to go read MORE excerpts from other authors & find out how you, too, can hop on this wagon train each Sunday if you are a pre-published or published author as well!

A party's not a party, till the gang's all here!

Derrek tossed and turned on the futon. He couldn’t get comfortable, not after having slept well the night before beside Jasmine.
He had her running scared though. She darted out of there like a timid mouse chased by a big hungry cat and he couldn’t deny he felt like one. He wanted to play cat and mouse, but just like a cat, he wanted to catch her, play with her, and then make a meal of her. Her kisses reduced him to putty in her hands. She didn’t realize just how deep he was falling or how quickly she could have him wrapped around her little finger, if she only wanted it that way.
It couldn’t be love, but the woman had him twisted. His thoughts continued to come back to dwell on how soft her curves were and how delicious her lips tasted.
Her scent still clung to his pillow and that didn’t help him get any rest either. He wondered if Jasmine could sleep.
He tossed back the cover and racked the pool table. At almost eleven p.m., the phone rang.
“Hey man. You’re up.” Fisher’s voice rumbled across the line. “You mind if I come out for a while? Or are you busy?”


Ginger Jones Simpson said...

What a great six paragraphs to share. Sure whet my interest. Thanks for playing in my first Linky List Blog run, and I hope you'll continue to share as I want to know what happens. :)

Amber Bentley said...

This is what I dislike about snip, I always want to read more. Great 6, thanks for sharing.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks for starting up a new Linky Ginger and I'm definitely planning to join in every week. Just gotta make it a habit again to schedule posts. ;)

And thanks Amber! Glad you stopped by as well!