Monday, May 20, 2013

May Flowers Monday- More #Irises #beauty #flowers #Spring

Yellows have come to join the dark purple and white irises now and the lavender ones aren't far behind (I'll share pictures of them next week).

These yellow ones are some that I transplanted on either side of my front porch not long after I moved here. I honestly didn't know what colors any of them were when I transplanted them, as they had already bloomed earlier in the spring. Imagine my surprise when I realized I somehow managed to plant ONLY yellow ones beside the porch.

They had once been at the end of a trailer that had occupied a space on our property, but once the old trailer was hauled out, it left behind a rectangle of space, encircled by flowers that my husband's great aunt had once planted around her home.

Along with the yellow and the lavender irises, I also rescued a couple of red rose bushes as well. (My wild white roses are trying to suffocate them out  unfortunately- need to do some serious cutting back.)


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