Monday, May 13, 2013

Feeling Grumpy? How about some May Flowers Monday? #beauty #flowers #spring

Mondays aren't exactly most people's favorite day- what with the reminder that the busy work week must begin anew and they must leave the carefree wonderful days of freedom (to lay around doing nothing) behind until TGIF comes to call again.

This spring has been bitter cold and even now, it seems to rain more than anything else, so with the days being quite drab and gloomy, I thought I'd share some brightness from my yard to yours, even if its only in a cyber garden. Enjoy!

Earlier, in the coldest part of the spring, I had a few small hyacinths attempt to brave the weather to bring a smile to my face, but they petered out when the snows struck again. Then my lilac bloomed and it smelled LOVELY! I already miss the heavenly aroma of the blossoms.

Now my yard is coming alive with one of my favorite perennials- Irises. These I'm sharing today are mostly just from a small bunch my grandmother dug up and shared with me. Aren't they beautiful? And they make me smile. I'm not sure what it is about them...blooms that remind me of a regal majestic lion's head, or the happy headdress of a magical fairy queen.

It does quite remind me of some of the old cartoons as a child where the garden flowers come to life with human expressions and characteristics and dance and sing. I think that's what makes me smile the most!

 Hope you have a WONDERFUL MONDAY!

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