Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stepping Through...

I look back over the last two weeks in amazement and I know it still hasn't sunk in.

I've stepped over the threshold though, into what I consider my tropical paradise. For all intents and purposes, I'm now a signed author, which means that in the very REAL future months I will be able to lay claim to a title I have only ever DREAMED I could call myself-

Published Author

Little ol' me!

It's still very surreal and as I sit here typing, I'm overwhelmed by the emotions the thought stirs in my heart. It's so thrilling it brings tears.

I know they aren't the first I've shed in joy over this and they won't be the last because I'm an emotional person by nature. I know there will be other moments when it sinks in a little more, when the idea becomes more concrete in my mind and it will hit me all over again.

I welcome those moments, more now than ever before, because this was a dream I hadn't hoped to realize so soon- if ever. I've heard of people "living the dream"- I just never thought I would be one of them. Though I love fairy tales and fantasy I'm a very "reality" based personality. I don't like to kid myself into believing the impossible. I make sure the bills are paid before we spend money on non-necessities. I generally stick to routine, though I'd love to occasionally drop everything and be spontaneous. I guess my feet are planted pretty firmly. I'm grounded.

But now- I opened the door. Crossing the threshold I find myself standing at an intersection, staring out at all the different paths that veer off in varied directions from me, out there up ahead. Some I must start down now in order to merge with other ones later up the road. The way isn't perfectly clear, but I know that what's out there is what I've been looking for- it's my "impossible" becoming "I'm possible." Haha!

I hadn't thought of it before, but that's it. "I'M" possible.

And I'm stepping through....

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Cherie Marks said...

Such a positive post, and I love the line, "I'm possible." Turning impossible to the more positive outlook is awesome.