Monday, November 29, 2010

Short, Sweet and To the Point

I won my 5th NaNo- just a little while ago- hit 50,000 words and I'm done---- For now.

As with all the ones before, the story still needs to be finished, (about 25-30K more to go) but I've been sick for nearly 4 days and I need some down time to get better.

Right now it's like I've got a drainage reservoir in my head that could turn into Niagara Falls given the right circumstances. Hot tea and honey has done little to reduce the congestion. Neither has my NetiPot and my ears are still clogged up, though my throat is not as sore as it was the first day or so. Now it's mostly just the furnace between my ears and an achy body to go with it, but so far as I know, no fever.

Think I deserve a little down time though. A hot shower might help do the trick, though a soft serve from Dairy Queen might make me feel even better...any takers on whether I could talk my hubby into driving 15 minutes to town and back again to get me one? LOL It'd be melted into sweet foamy milk by the time he got back. to shower and then rest..maybe fill out the rest of my Christmas cards and hopefully I'll feel up to my own personal reward for accomplishing NaNo this year-

FINALLY getting to read Yasmine Galenorn's Harvest Hunting.

I got the book just before NaNo and normally I devour them in a couple of days, but I promised myself I would accomplish NaNo first.

Besides, I need to get it done before the ARC of Blood Wyne arrives (the next book after HH) that I won from one of her blog contests. So excited to get to read it before it's even out on shelves! Thanks Yasmine!

Off to pamper myself back to good health! Have a good one!

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jennifer said...

Congratulations on NANO! You certainly have more determination than I do.
Go to bed, curl up and have hubby get up with the kids in the morning. It sounds like you got a nastier version than what we had.