Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shake your NaNo-maker....

I did the 10K Boogie yesterday afternoon. I hit the 10K mark 3 days ahead of schedule and by bedtime I had 10,353. Well, truth is, I don't write "just" up to the daily word count goal. But it's nice when I glance over at my NaNo calendar on the desk next to me and see I'm head of what would be necessary to hit the 50K mark by the 30th.

And I've still been doing this through the haze of sinus headaches and pressure and a nose that has declared itself a drippy faucet. LOL

I've not been doing the Gazelle, thanks in part to the drippy faucet, but I'm actually thinking today of getting on there anyway. A little bit of exertion and exercise might be the thing I need to sweat the illness out. Who knows?

We're just a few weekends away from our trip to Pigeon Forge, too and I need to get in touch with my MIL and find out if there's a website I can go to and get the driving directions we'll need since we haven't ever been with them down there and we'll have to leave out separately from them because we have to wait that Friday till hubby gets home from work and kids get in from school. I'd also like to see if there's a website for the place we'll be staying, just to familiarize myself with it a little. Boy, I hope I'm feeling better by then!

The following week I've got to make the mac and cheese and a Pig Lickin' cake to take up to my family's for Thanksgiving. This month is already getting away from me and it's barely started.

As for NaNo- The story is coming right along- 20% of the way to winning NaNo and I'm 12% of the way to my tentative word count total. So long as I reach 400 pages, the word count could range from 80-85K for all it's worth. I can't say that what I'm writing is exceptional or even the best I've ever written cause I don't think it is. I think it's truly the bare bones of this story.

But, I feel like my hero and heroine are growing with each new page and scene, and that's good, because the better their personality come out, the better I can actually write them. The rest will come out in the wash.

It feels really good to be writing again, that's for sure. I have REALLY missed the freedom I feel when I throw myself completely into a story and can bring my characters more and more to life.

Well, I better go- time's a wastin'!

Have a great day!

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