Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just So Glad....

Gladiolus that is. Ain't that the picture of beauty and innocence? I've had a few pink ones this summer, this stem of white ones and a purple that I caught too late before I realized it had bloomed and it had started to die back.

I'm still feeling the end of summer lingering around my doorstep. Today it's overcast with deep gray clouds and it just doesn't seem like my kids will be back in school a week from today. Yet here we are at the threshold of the autumn and the beginning of another school year.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around revisions and writing again. It's become such a struggle though I really NEED to do it. This year has really truly SUCKED for me...I can't seem to stay "in story" long enough to think things through. My kids are constantly fussing and bickering amongst themselves or hollering for me and then I get sidetracked by games online and perhaps that's where my issues are- I need the quiet of an empty house, no arguing voices in the background and the determination to pull myself away from the internet's distractions long enough to get some real work done.

And hopefully with the start of school I'll get that. I'll have the house to myself again for several hours during the day and hopefully it will help be get my focus back. For now, I'll simply focus on these pretty glads and take a deep breath- Only a week to go..;o)

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Magdalena Scott said...

I hope you'll soon find a good "place" for your writing, Taryn. I struggle with internet distractions, so can commiserate with you on that!