Friday, October 17, 2008

Where'd I Put My Groove? (crosspost from myspace)

Since I've been back home I did hang that wallpaper- but all the hard work done me in. LOL

I haven't opened any writing files or worked on anything as far as brainstorming or outlines or anything. I think my brain shut down cause it KNOWS NaNo is coming up- taking a "hibernation" of sorts until then..Here's hoping the noggin wakes up before the 1st of November! LOL

I do still need to work some outlines for the novel I'm planning to write. I have a little, but not enough to suit/prepare me for starting on it- bare bones.

This Sunday is also my hubby's birthday- so I've gotta make him a pineapple upside down cake- his favorite. Saturday we are going to his mom's for a cookout- hopefully it doesn't rain. But before we go over there we're going to go up to town so he can take care of getting his driver's license and registration and tags taken care of and then off to Wally World so he can pick out what he wants for his birthday. Knowing him, I have a feeling he's going to end up with a couple of new movies- Indy and Ironman (most likely).

While we're there- I've got to look for a few things for my Halloween costume and get some stockings for Koty's cheerleader costume so her little legs don't freeze while trick-or-treating.

Where has October gone? It's just flying by. Before we know it '08 will be over- and in all honesty- I'll be glad. It's been a rough year, not just for my little family, but for family and friends around me. We've had to replace the stove, the washer, have the roof fixed. Work has gotten busier for Dave and he's doing all right, but I hope he's not working himself into bad health again. Two years ago when he had pneumonia and was hospitalized, it was devastating and here's hoping we don't have a repeat of that- not so soon after the last bout of it.

One of my uncles was diagnosed with rectal cancer and he's doing all right, though his is too far gone for treatment to help. One of my aunts was diagnosed with lung cancer- her chemo and treatment helped a LOT and she's doing good. My aunt who has brain cancer is still doing very well- coming up on 5 years of surviving next year. An ex of mine's father has cancer and my friends' mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Relatives of friends have died. My old landlord from back in the day when I lived in my apartment passed away. And then last night my sister called to tell me a classmate of mine from back in school died in a terrible work-related accident in my hometown. He was only 34 years old (barely older than me, cause I'll be 34 in Feb).

This has been a year full of scares, sadness and trouble and I'll be glad to get into 2009 with hopes that things start to get better. We need a break from tragedy and disappointment.
A few good things that have happened this year though- To shine the spotlight on the brighter side-

I'm back in touch with my best friend. A very good thing. My daughter started kindergarten and is doing really well. My friend who's been in Japan with her husband in the Air Force for quite a few years found out they're being transfered out to England at the beginning of the year. She's really excited about that. Another friend is pregnant with her first child.

I've written 4 novels (so far) this year. Mind you, they need more added to them to get a decent word count, but I did "finish" four- now it's just a matter of plumping them up into big healthy novels and I'm hoping to complete number 5 in November. Marriage is good. Kids are good.

Maybe there's at least a little balance in the good and bad. Now if I could just find my groove and get it back! I know it's around here somewhere! LOL

Have a wonderful Friday everybody!

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