Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Closing In

I'm beginning to feel Autumn closing in.

The winds of change foretell the fall of leaves, the damp, lazy days and shifting time. Daylight and darkness argue amongst themselves for stage time. Sliding in beneath the heated days of Summer, Autumn whispers on the breeze- to tell of times when the ground will be blanketed by the russet and gold and flame quilt of sleep.

Sleep, sweet Mother Earth, for you have blistered too long in the Sun's smoldering gaze. Take your rest, as we do and enjoy the harvest. Ruby apples and amber pumpkins grace the orchards and fields, glistening in the early morning dew.

Jack Frost will lay his icy fingers to the land before too long. He shall shroud the world in sparkling frozen crystals, spirals and transparent star bursts on the windowpanes, etching out his artwork upon the last remaining leaves and dressing the blades of grass in their Cinderella gowns that shimmer and welcome the approach of Winter, for it is the time of the Autumn Ball.

The sky, powder blue, shall brighten most days, but will also be cast in steely gray from time to time, as the rains pit-pat out a rhythm of solitude and calm. Go indoors and huddle, stay warm and dry! Leaves scatter on the winds as they whip round to haunt and dance their final waltz. Surround yourselves with the comforts of hearth and home, while the chilled breath of Autumn stirs the leaves upon the ground~ rustling, hurrying, swirling them into Winter's cold embrace.

An ethereal sense of quiet washes over me as days change with the passing weeks. No longer will the sun's warm caress wake me. Instead I will be greeted by the cold fingertips of the morning light, a distant pale beam that neither warms nor shines as brightly as before.

We turn inward to wax poetic about days gone by and reminisce of youthful times and activities. How quickly time does fly as the knowledge that another year is journeying toward its end. Time tells the tales of days of old, and I am wrapped in the melancholy, to ponder on the past, to savor old beloved memories and reminded of the changes in my life thus far.

Autumn is upon us~ I feel it closing in...

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